Neo is hiring!

The Neo offices in Columbus and Cincinnati are looking for designers, Rails/iOS developers, and client principals.

Why work with us?

Working at Neo means you’re working with the best in the business every day. This is a humbling experience as every day you realize you’re no longer the smartest person in the room – not by a longshot. You’ll learn more in a day here than a week anywhere else. While this can sometimes be intimidating, it is our goal to foster a safe environment for personal and professional growth. We see each other as equals, and every one of us has room to improve through feedback and collaboration.

You’re also surrounded by people who share your passion for building great software. Of course, they don’t always share your opinion. We encourage open, honest debate, and hardly a day goes by without it.

We’re a consultancy, which means every project is something new – new domain, a new technical challenge, a new team. We’re always learning, always building, always collaborating.

We work reasonable, flexible hours. Overtime is very rare because we believe to be at your best, you need rest, recreation, and socialization. We use the best tools available, work in an open environment, send our people to conferences, and have a lot of fun.

Who we’re looking for

General requirements. We favor generalists over specialists. If you’re building Rails apps, expect to touch everything from the CSS to SQL optimization to setting up the production environment. If you’re designing, expect to become familiar with the command line, HAML, and Git, just to name a few technologies you’ll be using.

Designers, developers, clients, and client principals all work hand-in-hand together. Nothing is “thrown over the wall” in our environment. Everyone is expected to run client stand-up meetings, propose and analyze new features, and everyone involved in a project takes responsibility for the end product. A positive attitude, communicating well, and being a team player are requirements for all positions.

Salary varies based on experience, and we are interested in candidates at all levels.


Rails/iOS Developer

You don’t need to know both Rails and iOS, but you need to have expertise in one, and you need to love it. We care more about passion and curiosity, less about knowledge of one particular framework. Languages and frameworks can be learned, passion cannot.

Our development process is based on XP with an emphasis on individualism and pragmatism. We pair a lot, but not all the time. We test a lot, but not all the time. The key is being able to explain your practices with rational argument. Ultimately, we care more about building the best products we can, less so about being dogmatic about our process.


We need great designers with a technical background. This means that even though Photoshop is your Happy Place, you don't fear the command line, you have a Github account, and you believe hand-coding HTML is the only way. You need to be an expert at CSS and comfortable with JavaScript. You need experience making designs work across browsers, and you need the discipline to test your designs in all major platforms.

You'll be collaborating with developers and clients on a daily basis, building products for the web and iOS. You'll be working in a fun, open environment that encourages collaboration, debate, and personal growth. Your peers will challenge you and champion you daily, and you'll be expected to reciprocate.

Client Principal

Our client principal position is a generalist role combining a technical background with skills in project management, product management, business analysis, quality assurance, account management, and a bit of sales. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, that’s because it is, and it takes a special kind of person to wear so many hats effectively.

When a qualified lead comes in, you will take point on scoping out the first release with the client and a developer and/or designer. You will lead the kick-off with the client, and from then on out be the primary point of contact for the client.

The hiring process

Our hiring process is the most important thing we do. Our people are what make us the best in the business, therefore finding the right people must be our top priority. And so we hope you’ll understand that our hiring process is fairly demanding – on both you and us.

Initial Contact. If you haven’t already talked to one of us about what it’s like to work at Neo, please reach out. We are all over the place – conferences, twitter, github, user groups, you name it. We are all very approachable (it’s a requirement). If you aren’t near someone, please read on!

  1. Introduction

    While your skills are important to us, your ability to fit into the team are critical. Send an email to introducing yourself to the company. Please be yourself. Mention which position you’re interested in and why you think you’d be great at it. Tell us what you’re doing now and why you love or hate it. Tell us what gets you up in the morning. We are looking for who you are, not corporate cover letters and resumes.

    We communicate in writing all day long. Simply put, you must write well to provide value here. Your introductory email is your first opportunity to show us what you’re capable of.

  2. Discussion

    While we don’t believe in traditional interviews, we do feel strongly about making a personal connection. We’ll schedule a time with you for a discussion on your background, career, skills and goals. We won't be asking you a bunch of trick programming questions or what your college GPA was. We'll be looking to make sure you have the desire and passion for learning that is a core requirement of working at Neo.

    This is also great opportunity for you to learn more about us - what the day is like, how we work with clients and what makes us different. Come prepared with a set of questions for us to answer. We'll keep this relatively short and informal - often at a local coffee house or somewhere else relaxing. Plan on this taking about 30-60 minutes.

  3. Assignment

    We'll ask to see some work of yours that helps demonstrate that you have both the technical skills and attention to detail necessary for the job.

    Most of our development work is done in some combination of Ruby/Rails-based web work (including Javascript and associated client side frameworks) and/or iOS work. We want you to use this opportunity to impress us - either with some prior work you've done or by taking on a new assignment and completing it with skill relatively quickly.

    If you're a designer, we'll be asking you create a design for a simple web application.

  4. Visit

    Come pair with us for a day, maybe two. If you’re a developer or designer, expect to pair on code or designs for most of the day. If you’re a client principal, expect to sit in on some client meetings and discuss them with us. This step is about validating what we’ve already learned about you throughout the hiring process. It’s also a chance for you to see how we really work and for the rest of the team to get to know you.